Project Mercury V1.2.7.1 released

A small bug fix release

– Fixed pause icon error in 32bit version
– Fixed typo Recieved to Received in balloon tip
– Unified punctuation in history tab

Current stuff I am working on for Project Mercury
– I/O priority adjustment
– Excessive mode CPU usage improvement
– Excessive mode customization

I am also working on a CPU bottleneck measuring tool. Which I hope will help people get better information to base computer upgrades on. Especially gamers.

– SvenBent

Author: techcenterdk


2 thoughts on “Project Mercury V1.2.7.1 released”

  1. Very good! Keep up!
    Just a note, Kaspersky blocks downloads and also after a while it gives out a warning that mercury.exe tries to connect through Windows Telemetery, even when I had not activated it.


    1. I’m aware with the AV issue. the reason is im using internal compression to keep the size down of the program.
      Since internal compression can be used to hide malware form detection. Some Lazy AV programs marks all internal compressed .exe files as bad instead of decompression and scanning them.
      if you google UPX and MPRESS false positive you should see its something that happens quite often sadly.
      Kaspersky and Sophos are among the worst in this case. I’ve tried in the beginning to report the false positives but i gave up as it took weeks for them to fix it , and any new release at had to do it over again.

      However the connect through Windows telemetry is new to me. If it is possible i would like to receive screenshot to see what it says.
      My program should not connect to any telemetry or need internet access. If it ask for it i would deny the access.


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