Project Mercury V1.2.8.0 released

Finally the release I wanted to finish for the last couple of weeks. This contains some improvements meant to give Ryzen owners some more game performance as well as intelligently dealing with SMT in both Intel and Ryzen processors

– Implemented AutoSMT (beta)
– Implemented “NO CCX Switching” feature for Ryzen™ processors
– Temporarily Fixed Affinity inherit issue
– “Disable CoreParking” is now on as default
– “Windows FastReact” is now on as default
– Default icon click action is now “Settings” instead of “Pause”
– Optimized some IF settings for minuscule reduced CPU usage
– Optimized exit procedure for faster exit
– Changed prev Core Parking fix to not use temp file

I had to go back to restore full affinity to a progam when leaving it to deal with the affinity inherit issue. I am working towards making the program more simple and easier for none-geeks to get the full benefits of Project Mercury, which is why some features are now enabled as default.

More automatic stuff will come in the next couple of releases, as well as a Project Mercury Pro branch, that offers more advanced configurations (per process settings).


Author: techcenterdk


13 thoughts on “Project Mercury V1.2.8.0 released”

  1. A friendly suggestion: Maybe rename the utility?
    When googling Project Mercury you can only find documentations of the moon Project Mercury program – so one will never find yours.


    1. Yeah sadly my history skill are not the greatest so the name collides with the NASA program of the same name. Kinda embarrassing since I am a huge NASA/SETI fan.
      The name come from other small project I have made, that was all named after creatures/gods from mythology. Mercury is the good of travel and speed.
      I might consider a rename in the future. I just need to find a good one 😀


  2. Hi,

    I’m running Mercury.exe now. I’ve discovered Project Mercury over at gHacks.

    gHacks’ article provides a rather complete overview of Mercury, yet where, here on the application’s homepage, may I find a complete documentation? Also the gHacks article (which covers Mercury does not explain how memory is cleared when performed from Mercury’s taskbar button right-click menu (“Clear Memory”).

    I understand the settings pertinent to a wide audience are enabled by default. I’d really wish nevertheless to have the developer’s explanations on other settings.

    Many thanks.


    1. You are right. I am probably going to put up a technical explanation.
      There is a small info tab under settings that shortly explains what the different features does, But let me just say that any Memory cleaning features is NOT a speed optimizer.
      These kind of tricks often get recommended for speed purpose but they actually work against that purpose. I have small regrets implementing the features but it was only a couple of added lines in the code since Project Mercury already had the actual code to handle memory in it for it internal purpose.

      What it does is simply calls the windows built in memory cleaning routine on all processes that running under the same users, and thereby free up physical memory.
      Windows would do this on its own if the memory was ever needed so there is no real reason to do it yourself. Instead you end up with a lot of unused RAM, and thereby ram that does not help on your performance by having needed data in it.
      Memory cleaners are in my viewpoint just snakeoil.


  3. Just wanted to say, tools works wonderful. However, Ghost Recon: Wildlands refuses to load if your tool is open, regardless of the settings. It freezes as soon as the Nvidia opening ends.


  4. @sven i wanted to commend you for Project Mercury. absolutely big thanks for doing something like this. i don’t understand why MS doesn’t have a team doing this kind of work. they have the resources and the know-how, and no excuses for not improving the user’s computing experience. shame on them.
    just 1 question though: this user here on Tom’s Hardware says this:

    ‘Virustotal shows ‘UDS:D angerousObject.Multi.Generic’ for 3 out of 60 AV scans’

    do you have any idea why your software would trigger Virustotal? i haven’t downloaded it yet as i am waiting for a new machine and to install Kaspersky before doing anything foolish 😉


    1. Yes i do 🙂 If you are looking at the “name” you will see it does not give you a virus name because it does not recognize a virus in the program. What you are are getting is a UDS (ultra deep scanning?) that reports something generic. IT means it was analyzing the program and found some red flags and then reports is as a possible bad software.
      The reason for this is at least 2 things i could think of:

      1: The program uses a shell hook. Most normal desktop programs/games don’t need this, and using hooks is a behavior that can be often seen it malware. Even though there is a totally legit use of it, its a read flags for heuristics scanners.
      2: Its uses internal compression. Internal compression has been used by bad software as a cheap man’s encryption/hiding technique. It is possible to just decompress it and then scan it. but lazy AV software rather just mark it as bad because its A: fasterscanning. B: makes it appaar to be protection you for something c: does not cost as much in developing resources. aka lazy programmers/designers

      Kaspersky and Sophos are extremely often at faults with false positive, and very slow to update when one is reporting to them. it take several weeks before Kaspersky get their act together and fix it, by which time a new version most often is out and then its a rinse and repeat cycle.

      I could fix the first red flag by going back to a timed loop cycle like process lasso and other similar program use but then I’ a just wasting peoples CPU resources. And i refuse to make my software more crappy because faulty AV scanners.
      I could fix the second by not using internal compression. But same reason apply. I don’t want my program to waste resource just because AV scanners er faulty.


    1. On top of my head i have no reel idea of what it could be.
      I guess would be some kind of anti cheat maybe that is being a little to sensitive. maybe it reacts on how PM adjust the CPU priority on the process.

      I don’t have the game, so i can’t test it right now but I’ll see if i can get access to the game and run some tests on it.


      1. Try to see if the game works with Project Mercury on pause. if that works it possible to add the game to a “blacklist” however custome handlings for different process is a feature in the upcomming pro version
        The normal version is going to be focused on easy of use and simplicty. The pro version might end up being a pay version and comes with a lot more customization.

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