Project Mercury V1.2.9.0 Beta

A new beta is up for donators.

V1.2.9.0 beta
– Implemented reduce I/O priority on minimize
– Fixed a small affinity math error for many cores (>16)
– Made WinReactFast a bit more conservative

Currently I am working on some improvements to WinReactFast as well as some possible CPU usage optimizations



Author: techcenterdk


7 thoughts on “Project Mercury V1.2.9.0 Beta”

    1. That is really a question of what defines “finished”.
      Its finished as in the core functionality is working as intended. anything from now on is either going to be tweaks or new small features when I discovered something new to implement.

      I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the two things I am currently looking into.

      1: a huge CPU optimizing of excessive mode. it has always annoyed me that that features used more CPU power than process lasso when everything else uses way less.

      2: Per process settings. This is more for advanced users where you can define how the “No SMT conflicts” and “No CCX Switching” work depending on the process you are working/gaming in.
      This might branch into a separate PRO version so keep the ordinary version simple


    1. End of Last year I had to replace failing drives on the files servers (7.5 years of work time. 10.5 yeah of lifetime. they had it hard) and shortly after ran into life issues. I am working on getting file server active again.


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