Excessive mode ready

Excessive mode is finally ready in its standalone form, and is available to download for donators. Hopefully it should be merged into Project Mercury within 1-2 weeks.

Excessive mode still uses approximate twice the CPU resources of Bitsum’s Process Lasso, but hopefully future tweaks and optimizations will get it below.

Project Mercury without excessive mode enabled, still use far less CPU and memory than Bitsum’s Process Lasso as well as Process Tamer due to its none cyclic behavior.

– SvenBent

Excessive mode in development

Excessive mode is again under development. A separate very basic alpha trial of Excessive mode has been uploaded to the donators folder for testing.

The current alpha has some limitations and known issues:

  • Currently very slow to update adjust priority when CPU load changes  (1-3 seconds)
  • Hardcoded for 50% load on an 8 core CPU
  • Unoptimized code in regards to memory usage
  • Unoptimized code in regards to CPU usage

Feedback very welcome especially on CPU usage.

– SvenBent