Donations are 100% voluntarily.

All features of my software is always available for free without a time expiration.

However if you wish to receive the nag free donators version, send me an Email with your PayPal payment number.

Please be aware that a few days wait time might apply.


PayPal Donate


What do these donations go to ?  You might ask. Well here is what it has been used on so far.

  • Dungeon of the endless + expansions packs
  • Kaby lake delid tool that i used on my I7 3770k
  • 24pin ATX moduler power cable to use for a modular PSU i found
  • Humble Starbreeze Bundle: Presents John Wick!
  • Scryptmail account (on going payment)
  •  Used Acer A1-840 Tablet
  •  Lord of the Fallen

Thank you all for donations, I appreciate it a lot.

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