File server should be up again with donators access to the Beta.

The older highspeed connection is also now available again however some specialization/limitations adjustments are still needing to be finished.

Expect a hand full of a few hours of downtown coming this month, as I am replacing network equipment, but after that we should be stable again.

Hope you will all enjoy.


FileServer Back… Kinda

The file-sever is “functional” and is currently running in degraded mode.

I’m still working on all the domains set up and physical movements of the server, so expect some random down time for the moment.

— edit —

This IP is no longer hosting the server. however the domains is updated with the newest IP so you should be able to find it at


Intrusion attempt

Over the weekend there has been a  semi successful intrusion attempt, on my file server.  They should not have gotten access to modify the downloadable files, but for extra precaution i advise anyone to delete any files downloaded from the site over sat/sun( 4/29-4/30) and re-download them.

I advice to scan with you defaults Antivirus scanners, alternatively Dr Web’s Free Cure-it can be used (or even use as extra scanner).

They did however get access to two of my desktops systems that due to the strong experimental nature runs in full admin mode (Which is not optimal from a security point, so don’t do like I do).

I am sorry for any inconvenience.


MS defender woes and some performance issues

I have received several reports about Project Mercury getting detected as malware by Microsoft Defender. I have informed Microsoft about he false detection and provided them with a sample.  Hopefully this should be corrected soon.


I have also received a report about the new AutoSMT feature degrades performance in certain games. I am currently investigating into this as well. The games reported so far has only been


Project Mercury V1.2.8.0 released

Finally the release I wanted to finish for the last couple of weeks. This contains some improvements meant to give Ryzen owners some more game performance as well as intelligently dealing with SMT in both Intel and Ryzen processors

– Implemented AutoSMT (beta)
– Implemented “NO CCX Switching” feature for Ryzen™ processors
– Temporarily Fixed Affinity inherit issue
– “Disable CoreParking” is now on as default
– “Windows FastReact” is now on as default
– Default icon click action is now “Settings” instead of “Pause”
– Optimized some IF settings for minuscule reduced CPU usage
– Optimized exit procedure for faster exit
– Changed prev Core Parking fix to not use temp file

I had to go back to restore full affinity to a progam when leaving it to deal with the affinity inherit issue. I am working towards making the program more simple and easier for none-geeks to get the full benefits of Project Mercury, which is why some features are now enabled as default.

More automatic stuff will come in the next couple of releases, as well as a Project Mercury Pro branch, that offers more advanced configurations (per process settings).

Project Mercury V1.2.7.3 released

Some more bug fixing. These bugs were discovered while experimenting with new AMD Ryzen specific feature.

– Fixed “Disable Core Parking” not restoring previous core parking settings
– Renamed “No Hyper-Threading conflicts” to “No SMT conflicts”
– Reduced CPU usage for “Multicore optimizations” features
– Balloon tip now shows what the increased CPU priority is
– Fixed a bug where priority would not be restored when minimizing program

The most important is the wrong restoration of Core park settings.  Previous version would no save the system core park settings and instead just enable core parking at exit again. The new version correctly detect the current core parking setting when disabling it, and restore it correctly to previous state when closing down.

AMD Ryzen feature is working in theory, but I have yet to receive enough feedback and test result to put it into public release yet. I have asked AMD for a test kitt but I am not holding my breath for it.

If anyone have a AMD Ryzen CPU and wants to run some benchmark for me, let me know through the contacts page or the forum.

– SvenBent

Project Mercury V1.2.7.2 released

This is just a minor release. I wanted to have more done for this version, but sadly to many side projects took my time, and some of the new features is a bit more challenging than anticipated.

– Changed Donations nag to be less obstructive
– Changed Donations Link

The new donations nag only show once a time.  No more getting multiple nag screening a row, nor will there be a nag screen on startup anymore. On the other hand now it will show any time you exit the setting Window. I hope this will make the it less obnoxious for people that are using the advanced features, as well as more being more visible for more users. Users that doe not use any of the extra setting will not see the nag screen.

– SvenBent

Disable Windows key for games only

For people that play a lot of games the Windows key can be annoying, as a miss intended hit on the key can take you out of the game in the middle of an important multiplayer session.

For people that work a lot in Windows as well, it can be difficult to miss the function, so disabling it the traditional way is not optimal.

This utility will disable the windows key ONLY when you are in full-screen software (typical games) but keep it functional when you are working on windowed software  in Windows. And it is fully automatic…

It uses the same none cyclic monitoring system as Project Mercury, which means it has no CPU usage when it is just sitting and waiting for you to change programs aka no CPU usage during you game session.

– SvenBent