Project Mercury V1.2.7.2 released

This is just a minor release. I wanted to have more done for this version, but sadly to many side projects took my time, and some of the new features is a bit more challenging than anticipated.

– Changed Donations nag to be less obstructive
– Changed Donations Link

The new donations nag only show once a time.  No more getting multiple nag screening a row, nor will there be a nag screen on startup anymore. On the other hand now it will show any time you exit the setting Window. I hope this will make the it less obnoxious for people that are using the advanced features, as well as more being more visible for more users. Users that doe not use any of the extra setting will not see the nag screen.

– SvenBent


Author: techcenterdk


2 thoughts on “Project Mercury V1.2.7.2 released”

  1. hello there,

    thank you very much for this helpful update – the less obstructive donation nags are a huge improvement for me 😉 keep up the good work!

    cheers from germany,


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