Project Mercury V1.2.7.3 released

Some more bug fixing. These bugs were discovered while experimenting with new AMD Ryzen specific feature.

– Fixed “Disable Core Parking” not restoring previous core parking settings
– Renamed “No Hyper-Threading conflicts” to “No SMT conflicts”
– Reduced CPU usage for “Multicore optimizations” features
– Balloon tip now shows what the increased CPU priority is
– Fixed a bug where priority would not be restored when minimizing program

The most important is the wrong restoration of Core park settings.  Previous version would no save the system core park settings and instead just enable core parking at exit again. The new version correctly detect the current core parking setting when disabling it, and restore it correctly to previous state when closing down.

AMD Ryzen feature is working in theory, but I have yet to receive enough feedback and test result to put it into public release yet. I have asked AMD for a test kitt but I am not holding my breath for it.

If anyone have a AMD Ryzen CPU and wants to run some benchmark for me, let me know through the contacts page or the forum.

– SvenBent


Author: techcenterdk


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